Zingy Quick Pickle

I have always wanted to make my own pickles. The thought of canning is a little daunting. So I thought why not do a quick pickle. I found a small bag of pickling cucumbers at the farmer’s market and thought I’d give it a go. Makes 1 pickle sized jar and1 small jelly jar.


1 lb. Pickling Cucumbers, mandolined into thick slices

1 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar, with mother( I used Bragg’s)

1 Cup Filtered Water

1 Tbls. Salt

2 Tbls. Erithitol

3 Tbls. Pickling Spice

1 small bunch fresh Dill

1 Jalapeno, sliced with seeds

4 small cloves or 2 large cloves of Garlic, peeled and lightly smashed

Wash Cucumbers and slice off ends of Cucumbers. Mandolin slice on a thick setting and place in a large bowl.

Chop Jalapeno and peel and lightly smash Garlic. Place into bowl with Cucumbers.

Place Apple Cider Vinegar and Water into a Medium-large pot. Add Salt and Erithitol, Pickling Spice.

Bring to a boil. Pour over cucumbers, Jalapeno and Garlic in bowl.

Break off pieces of dill and place into bowl of Cucumbers.

Let it cool. Once it’s cool it’s time to layer Cucumbers, Garlic and Jalapenos into a pickle sized jar and a small jelly jar. Then pour vinegar mixture over both trying to get a good amount of Pickling Spice, Dill and Vinegar in both jars. Place in refrigerator.

Pickles are ready the next day and last a couple of weeks in the fridge.

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