Thai Indian Fusion Curry

This dish uses any leftover meat you have on hand. If you want to make this meatless you could just do veggies or tofu. I had leftover porketta roast so that’s what I used. I served it over Coconut Cauliflower Rice. Which I cooked while curry was simmering.


2 Tbls. Coconut Oil

1/4 Cup Onion, chopped

1 Tbl. + 1 tsp. Red Curry Paste

1 Tbl. Hot Curry Powder

2 tsps. Garam Masala

Salt and Pepper, to taste

1 13.5 fl. oz can of Coconut Milk( Not Light)

1-1/2 – 2 Cups Leftover meat (I used leftover porketta roast, you could use any cooked meat/fish/tofu or veggies)

2-1/2 – 3 Cups Fresh Baby Spinach


Place Coconut Oil into Large Saucepan on medium high heat add onions and spices, and red curry paste to the oil. Saute for a few minutes, stirring constantly so spices don’t burn. Turn down heat to low. Add coconut milk, leftover meat/or veg and Spinach. Simmer on low for 20 minutes. Stirring regularly. I serve this on top of Coconut Cauliflower Rice.

Serves 4 small portions or 3 regular sized.

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