Rosemary Crackers

These are my go to Crackers. I’ve also made these with fresh chives instead of rosemary and both are good. I made some gourmet Crackers and Cheese. *Please read notes at the end of recipe for some helpful tips. Makes 60 small Crackers


•1-1/2 Cups Blanched Almond Flour

•3/4 tsp. Salt

•1/2 tsp. Garlic Powder

•1-1/2 tsp. Onion Powder

•1 tsp. Fresh Rosemary, chopped fine

•1/2 Cup Parmesan, shredded

•1/2 Cup Sharp Cheddar, grated

• 1 Large, Egg

2 Tbls. Sour Cream

Additional Ingredients:

•Ground Salt Flakes, (sprinkle on crackers before they go into the oven)


1.) Preheat oven to 350•

2.) In a large bowl add all dry ingredients. Stir to combine.

3.) Add wet ingredients to bowl of dry ingredients. Mix well it takes a few minutes to come together. Use your hands once mixed together to make a round dough ball.

4.) Cut two pieces of parchment paper to fit a large cookie sheet. Roll out dough ball between two pieces of parchment paper. Roll out about an 1/8 inch thick, or roughly two quarters stacked up. You must bake these on the bottom piece of parchment and discard top piece of parchment.

5.) Cut dough with pizza cutter into desired sized crackers.

6.) Sprinkle Salt Flakes on top, and bake for 13 minutes. Turn off oven at 13 minute mark, and crack open the door, with the oven off, for about 2 minutes. Please keep an eye on crackers, you do not want them too golden. Just a very lightly golden color, as Almond Flour goes bitter if it gets too brown.

7.) Let cool, and recut your lines with a clean pizza cutter.

8.) Once completely cooled, store in a tin with a little moisture absorber packet that you find in a vitamin bottle. These crackers do get crispier the next day. If stored in a baggie they become softer.

Rosemary Crackers


You can roll them thinner, just adjust cooking time. Also note that ovens all run differently. In my Bend, Oregon oven these cooked for 15 minutes. Here in Astoria it’s 13 minutes, so please keep an eye out the first time you make them.

I found it easier to roll out dough on the backside of the cookie sheet between the two pieces of parchment paper, and the same with the scoring and salting. Then carefully slide it on to the other side for baking.

If they are not crispy enough pop them back in the oven for a couple of minutes.

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